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As an aspect of dynamic Asia highly significant for peace of the current and near-future world, we can take a look at Marina Bay Sands, which was under constructuion at this moment, viewed from the Merlion monument on the 23rd of February, 2010, Singapore. By visiting The Straits Times of Aug. 9, 2014 through, you could vividly clear up my view like this.


A fantastic bookstore along Orchard St. in early 2010, Singapore




Ingenious Idea Releasing Note PANORAMA は、記したアイデア、ドキュメント等を積み重ねておくだけでなく、さらに広げて、展開、発展させてゆくのがそのphilosophyです。PANORAMAは、アイデアをパノラマ風に展開するために、“貼って剥がせる”両面テープを使って、そこに“消せる紙、”A4ないしレターサイズのコピー紙、あるいはプリントアウトした紙媒体を貼りつけるためのフォルダで、筆記用具で直接記入するものではなく、繰り返し使います。それを、形態面から、パノラマ・アイデア・フォルダと名付けました。

Philosophy on which Ingenious Idea Releasing Note named PANORAMA is based is: not only pile up your ingenious idea but also release, expand and develop it. It is a folder to release your ingenious idea the panoramic way, where any A4-sized or letter-sized document, either handwritten or printed, and so on can be attached in each sheet with a double sided tape like the 3M Scotch one by which the document can easily be removed, replaced or changed.


書店に向かうときには何らかのテーマを抱いていますね。同じようにテーマを携えて英語世界へ出発しましょう- 現在分詞、過去分詞、with-phrase、関係代名詞(およびその省略)& punctuation 、時間の表現、数量の表現、等々、それぞれの興味に合わせて、カテゴリーを作ってみましょう。例えば、当サイトのカテゴリー・ページ[NY Times and its Tight English Expressions]、さらには固定ページ[Eng. Exp. & Text-to-Speech]を訪ねて参考にしてみてください。

Shall we make a departure towards the enjoyable English world travel, keeping several themes* in mind just like when we get into a book store. (*) For instance, Present Participle, Past Participle, With-Phrase, Relative Pronoun (including: its abbreviated or cut-down style as well) & Punctuation, expressions for TIME and Quantity and so on. Please be advised to create any categorizing note for your self to your favourite.  Helpful for it should be [NY Times and its Tight English Expressions] at the categolized blog page and also [Eng. Exp. & Text-to-Speech] at the fixed page of this Web site. Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository

The Book Depository offers some things a little different and extra to other booksellers online. These include: The Book Depository offers some things a little different and extra to other booksellers online. These include: (1) Free international delivery to over 90 countries worldwide, (2) Keen prices, they try really hard to keep their prices as low as possible. (3) Amazing range, they have access to over 2.2 million titles which they can ship within 48 hours, an unparalleled stock availability.

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