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This  page will also be continuously updated.

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Ref. – try to consult with:; in addition to Google Translate, this Web site dictionary might be one of the most contemporary for word-combination, in particular. Incidentally, you could consult with Google Chrome/Translate, while reading a Web site article on the Google Chrome. In using Translate, it is actually convenient for you to execute Copy & Paste.


It would be our pleasure to find English expressions, sometimes dynamic, sometimes in rhyme and sometimes contemporary, which attract our interests, and then make them fall in personal categories.

Note – prior to the following categorized collections:

1. Past particiole & Present particiole  –   Regarding the contemporary state of the art of TENSE as a grammatical rule, we will find out it over the following.​​

2. Present participle – including : gerund – a nounin in the form of the present participle

3. Punctuation (incl. parenthesis, comma, hyphenation and so on)

Ref. – 1. Eats, Shoots & Leaves authored by LYNNE TRUSS, pulished by PROFILE BOOKS, 2. BETTER PUNCTUATION IN 30 MINUTES A DAY authored by Ceil Cleveland, published by CAREER PRESS, 3. Complete PLAIN WORDS p.152-175, authored by Sir Ernest Gowers, published by the Penguin Group, 4. The Penguin Guide to PLAIN ENGLISH p.192-197, authored by Harry Blamires, published by the Penguin Group

Ref. – Oxford Guide to Effective Writing and Speaking by John Seely 

Excerpted from page 152 of the title: Re: -related  In the fast lanes of the 1990s there is a constant drive to speed up communication. As a word joined on with a hyphen, -related is a short cut. Instead of ‘illnesses caused by stress’, ‘crimes caused by drink’, ‘negotiations about money’, we have stress-related illnesses, drink-related crimes, money-related negotiations. It would be a pity to overdo this or, like any other useful linguistic device, it would degenerate into jargon.

4. Relat.ive Pronoun (including: its abbreviated or cut-down stvle as well )

5. Thesaurus (including: repeated expressions in contrast with the philosophy of Thesaurus)  Ref.. –  Microsoft ENCARTA College Thesaurus, published by ST.MARTIN'S PRESS

6.  Verb  (is likely for basic ones to be used in contrast with noun, adjective and adverb – address, face, commit, engage, find, involve, make, lead to, have the effect of doing, lay, raise, etc.; it might be allowed to repeatedly use the same expression ‐ for instance, fail to do , fail to do – used repeatedly in the same sentence, in contrast with the philosophy of Thesaurus. And popular verbs are likely to be often used in main sentences in particular. Ref.- 1. Complete PLAIN WORDS p.127-145, authored by Sir Ernest Gowers, published by the Penguin Group, 2. The Penguin Guide to PLAIN ENGLISH, authored by Harry Blamires, published by the Penguin Group)

7. With-related phrase (It seems used when the subject of a supplemental sentence is different from the one of the main sentence.)

Ref. 1 In using with-related phrases, please be advised to refer to page 171, in particular, of The Penguin Guide to Plain English, authored by Harry Blamires, published by the Penguin Group; described therein is “Some of the most unfortunate misuses of ‘with’ occur when the word is followed by a present participle.”

Ref. 2 – Write Tight authored by William Brohaugh, published by Writer’s Digest Books

8. Word Combinations   

Ref. – The BBI Dictionary of English Word Combinations, Revised editlon, Compiled by: Morton Benson, Evelyn Benson & Robert Ilso

9.Plain English

One of  recent  annoucements from SEC on its plain writing efforts is: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Compliance Report on Implementation of the Plain Writing Act of 2010 April 13, 2017 Summary of steps taken by the SEC to implement the Plain Writing Act of 2010 (Act)

On the other hand, it might be indispensable for us to keep in mind several suggestions on Plain English, for instance, in Section B & Reference  in the book [Oxford Guide to Effective Writing and Speaking] by John Seely.


Adverb and its position (in a sentence)

1. NY Times of Aug. 30, 2017 Stalled Over Gulf, Harvey Deepens Texans' Soggy Misery By JACK HEALY, RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA and ALAN BLINDER The death toll from Harvey was rising and officials said their rescue effort was nowhere near done.

2.NY Times of Sept. 3,, 2017 Long List of Top Democrats Have 2020, and Money, on Their Minds​ By KENNETH P. VOGEL and RACHEL SHOREY Well before most of them will announce they are running, prospective Democratic candidates for president are taking steps to lay the financial foundation for a campaign.

3. NY Times / California Today of Oct. 9, 2017 Roughly a quarter of the nation’s homeless – about 118,000 people – live in California. Frustration over the lack of headway has some city leaders now embracing a strategy once considered unthinkable: Sanctioned homeless camps.

4. NY Times/California Today of Oct. 13,2017  Wildfire Photos Tell a Story of Ruin By MIKE MCPHATE Since igniting on Sunday, they’ve swept across roughly 300 square miles. In Santa Rosa alone, an estimated 2,834 homes were destroyed, the city’s mayor said on Thursday.

5. NY Times/California Today of Mar. 19, 2018  To be sure, the bill is anything but a sure thing. And those numbers are theoretical maximums. The actual increase in housing, which would take decades to build, would most likely be much lower. Still, the numbers show that cities across California would have to endure big changes for the state to meet its climate goals.

6. NY Times/California Today of Mar. 30, 2018  The Oakland Cannery is just the type of place that the city likes to promote as its heart and soul. The former Del Monte fruit processing facility has for several decades served as a live/work space for painters, musicians, fashion designers, writers and photographers.


Dynamic American English

Comment: Why I feel American dynamism over American English expressions is because revolutionary advances, in Silicon Valley in particular, may be kept unchanged in a wide variety range of fields of economy and stocks as well.  

1. The following excerption from The NY Times/California Today seems to make a compact explanation on the dynamism found out in American English.   

NY Times / California Today of Nov. 3, 2017 The coast of California. Wallace Stegner wrote that other places, by comparison, “seem lesser, smaller, duller, less promising, less exciting.” Max Whittaker for The New York Times. In 1967 the novelist Wallace Stegner wrote: “Like the rest of America, California is unformed, innovative, ahistorical, hedonistic, acquisitive, and energetic — only more so.”

2. Have you found out that American English & its dynamism are regionally featured – West Coast (California as well), Middle Cast (Chicago as well) and East Coast (New York as well). Shall we keep each of the features in mind in enjoying the article reading.  

3. Dynamic America and move of technology companies

NY Times/California Today of Feb. 15, 2018 We will probably always call it Silicon Valley. But the steady move of technology companies into downtown San Francisco is shifting the center of gravity of what is arguably America’s most innovative industry from the rambling, suburban streets of the Valley to the tightly concentrated and increasingly vertical neighborhood behind San Francisco’s Embarcadero.

4. NY Times /California Today of Feb. 21, 2018  It is usually jazz that plays in the background at Eso Won Books, a cherished independent bookseller in Los Angeles that for almost three decades has catered to African-American readers, but sometimes it is David Bowie, Nirvana or just really loud rock music. James Fugate came to Los Angeles from Detroit in the late 1980s, and after a short time running the bookstore at Compton College, he and his partners opened their own store in South Los Angeles


Position & Place

1. NY Times of Aug. 23, 2017 McConnell, in Private, Doubts if Trump Can Save Presidency By ALEXANDER BURNS and JONATHAN MARTIN The relationship between President Trump and Senator Mitch McConnell has disintegrated to the point that the men are no longer on speaking terms.


2. Straits Times of Nov. 15, 2017 SINGAPORE – Private schools graduates lag far behind their peers from public universities in the job market, a survey released on Wednesday (Nov 15) has found. Many not only had a tougher time landing full-time jobs compared to public university graduates. They also commanded lower starting salaries.


3.  NY Times/California Today of Nov. 16, 2017 U.C.L.A. Players Credit Trump With An Assist By MATT STEVENS Flanked by Cody Riley, left, and Jalen Hill, third from left, UCLA basketball player LiAngelo Ball reads his statement as head coach Steve Alford listens during a news conference at U.C.L.A. on Wednesday. Jae C. Hong/Associated Press




Preposition  – at, in, on, over, in doing  (something), with (with regard to)

1. NY Times of Oct. 1, 2017 Trump's Next Move on Health Care? Choice for Secretary May Offer Clue By PETER BAKER and ROBERT PEAR The selection of a successor for Tom Price, who resigned as secretary of health and human services, could be a turning point in the debate over health care.


2.NY Times/California of Oct. 3, 2017 For more than 30 years, Garen Wintemute has studied the question now on many Americans’ minds: How do we stop this?


3. NY Times of Nov. 8, 2017 With Virginia, Voters Give Democrats First Big Wins of the Trump Era By JONATHAN MARTIN and ALEXANDER BURNS The Democratic Party's crowning success of the night came in Virginia, where Ralph S. Northam, an understated physician and Army veteran, won a commanding victory for governor,


4. NY Times of Dec. 12, 2017 Bomber Strikes Near Times Square, Disrupting City but Killing None By SARAH MASLIN NIR and WILLIAM K. RASHBAUM The would-be suicide attacker told officials he set off the bomb in retaliation for U.S. strikes on ISIS, targeting a subway tunnel because of its Christmas-themed posters.


5. NY Times /California Today of Mar. 28, 2018  California was among 12 states suing to block the Trump administration from adding a question about citizenship to the 2020 census, arguing that the change would cause fewer Americans to be counted. [The New York Times]

6. NY Times/California Today of April 5, 2018  Some of those tensions might be easing. The state and White House are in talks on a deal over a major point of contention: whether California would continue getting a waiver to impose its own stricter emission standards. (The New York Times)


7. NY Times/California Today of April 20, 2018
As many as 40 people now participate in the weekly ritual at the Wendy’s on Country Club Drive here in Palm Desert — with Ms. Mahler, 88, at the group’s center. She is the main figure in a documentary short, “Wendy’s Shabbat,” that will make its New York debut on Saturday at the Tribeca Film Festival.



Past & Present Participle

1. NY Times Aug. 9, 2017 The Culture Wars Have Come to Silicon Valley By NICK WINGFIELD

After Google fired an engineer who wrote an anti-diversity manifesto, the tech industry is under the microscope for penalizing dissenting opinions.

2. NY Times of Sept. 14, 2017 Eight Dead From Sweltering (*)Nursing Home as Florida Struggles After Irma By NEIL REISNER, SHERI FINK and VIVIAN YEE A criminal investigation was opened into a nursing home where eight died after the air-conditioning failed, a situation the governor . "unfathomable." 

(*) grammatical comment on present participle before noun – two usages: (1) landing plane, rising cost, etc. (2) penalizing opinion,sleeping room, nursing home, etc. In addition, "sweltering" above is used as adjective, not as preaent participle. 

3. NY Times of Aug. 18, 2017 Defiant, Trump Laments Assault on Culture and Revives a Bogus Pershing Story By MICHAEL D. SHEAR and MAGGIE HABERMAN President Trump returned to nativist themes, lamenting an assault on "culture," reviving a bogus story about General John J. Pershing and attacking Republicans.


4. NY Times/California Today of Oct. 19, 2017 A detailed look at what buildings, crops and inventory were lost at 23 damaged wineries. Firefighting efforts by airplanes and helicopters were hampered by drones trying to capture aerial footage of the devastation.


5. NY Times/California Today of Nov. 6, 2017 A home being constructed in Carlsbad, Calif., in 2014. San Diego is one of four metropolitan areas in California where more than half of homes are priced above $500,000. Mike Blake/Reuters


6. NY Times of Jan. 13, 2018 A Senior Republican Senator Admonishes Trump: ‘American Is an Idea, Not a Race’ By JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS   The president’s racially charged comments threaten an emerging agreement to project some undocumented immigrants, which risks bringing a government shutdown.


7. NY Times of Feb. 7, 2018 Falcon Heavy, in a Roar of Thunder, Carries SpaceX’s Ambition Into Orbit By KENNETH CHANG  Elon Musk disrupted the business of sending rockets into space and has now achieved a milestone in spaceflight by launching the most powerful rocket currently operating in the world.


8. NY Times of Feb. 10, 2018 U.S. Spies, Seeking to Retrieve Cyberweapons, Paid Russian Peddling Trump Secrets By MATTHEW ROSENBERG  After months of negotiations, the Russian insisted on including information about the president as part of a deal involving stolen hacking tools.


9. NY Times/California Today of Mar. 21, 2018  Facebook has had a particularly bad few days, even for a Silicon Valley giant that has been under fire for months. The social network, which was once Silicon Valley’s pride and joy, is now facing a new scandal over data privacy — and the fallout has been intense and keeps widening.





The "punctuation" pages occupies nearly 30% of this book. 

Additional ref. Lynne Truss' s Eats, Shoots & Leaves – more than 1 million copies sold worldwide

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1. NY Times of Oct. 22, 2017 Spain Will Remove Catalonia Leader, Escalating Secession Crisis By RAPHAEL MINDER Mariano Rajoy, in an unexpectedly forceful move, said Madrid would take control of the independence-minded region, pushing out its separatist administration.

2. 8. NY Times of Oct. 24, 2017 What It Could Mean if China's Leader Won't Name an Heir By CHRIS BUCKLEY If no successors-in-waiting appear, that would raise speculation that Xi Jinping may try to keep power in some form after his second five-year term as president ends.


3. NY Times/California Today of Nov. 21, 2017 By JENNIFER MEDINA The three-and-a-half-hour tour is often filled with middle-age adults who were children during the murder spree that Charles Manson, who died Sunday, orchestrated in the summer of 1969.


4. NY Times of Nov. 25, 2017 Militants Kill 235 at Sufi Mosque in Egypt's Deadliest Terrorist Attack By DECLAN WALSH and NOUR YOUSSEF The assault, in an area racked by an Islamist insurgency, sent shock waves across the nation – not only for the death toll but also for the choice of target.


5. NY Times of Dec. 8, 2017 Did Trump Kill Off a Two-State Solution? He Says No, Palestinians Say Yes By MARK LANDLER, DAVID M. HALBFINGER and ISABEL KERSHNER The chief Palestinian negotiator said Mr. Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital means a radical P.L.O. shift – to a push for a single state, with equal civil rights.


6. NY Times of Dec. 27, 2017 New York's Attorney General in Battle With Trump By DANNY HAKIM and WILLIAM K. RASHBAUM   Eric Schneiderman's office recently took its 100th legal or administrative action against "the biggest threat" to New Yorkers: the federal government.


7. NY Times/California Today of Jan. 5, 2018  The increase is part of the gradual phase-in of the state’s $15-an-hour minimum wage, which was approved by the governor in 2016. Workers now earning the lowest wages will have to wait until 2023 to reach $15 an hour, but they can expect $1 increase every year until then


8. NY Times/California Today of Feb. 1, 2018 The angle was new, but it’s not a particularly new observation or thought. The Los Angeles Times addressed many of the same questions in 2006 and again in 2015, when an organization was founded by longtime civic figures here to respond to what saw as a civic vacuum. I am also well aware of the (in truth, well-founded, in my view) wariness Los Angeles readers have of East Coast media coming in and offering look-down-your-nose judgments on life here. 


9. NY Times of Feb. 11, 2018 Kentucky Rushes to Remake Medicaid as Other States Prepare to Follow By ABBY GOODNOUGH  The state will require many people to work, volunteer or train for a job to qualify for coverage — and to prove it with frequent documentation.


10. NY Times/California Today of Mar. 7, 2018   Despite the fierce winter storm that brought an avalanche of snow to the Sierra Nevada last week, water officials say the state’s snowpack is far behind its desired level. Before the storm, comparisons were being made to record-breaking dry years.


11. Excerpted from Penguin’s announcement of 9 Mar. of 2018: PREORDER Jamie Cooks Italy now to receive Jamie's latest cookbook the moment it comes out.

Jamie Cooks Italy is a celebration of the joy of Italian food. Jamie wants to share his love of all things Italian with accessible, best-ever recipes for Classic Carbonara, Salina Chicken, Stuffed Focaccia, Baked Risotto Pie, Pot-Roasted Cauliflower and Limoncello Tiramisu. This is about bringing the pleasure and passion of the world's favourite cuisine to your kitchen at home.

Featuring 140 recipes in Jamie's easy-to-follow style, the book has chapters on Antipasti, Salad, Soup, Meat, Pasta, Fish, Rice & Dumplings, Bread & Pastry, Sides, Desserts and all the Basics you need.

12. NY Times/California Today of Ma. 12, 2018  Gov. Jerry Brown responded Monday morning with a more temperate letter to Mr. Trump. He noted how previous presidents talked about California as an economic engine of the nation. He used his high-platform moment to urge Mr. Trump to consider the governor’s signature project — a high-speed train between San Francisco and Los Angeles — whose future is in doubt because of cost overruns and Republican opposition.


13. NY Times/California Today of Mar. 23, 2018
And the report, from the Public Policy Institute of California, suggests that Republicans are joining Democrats in their support for a change to gun laws. The institute found that 87 percent of Democrats thought gun laws should be stricter, and that 48 percent of Republicans agreed — up from 28 percent last year.



14. NY Times/California Today of Mar. 27, 2018  It’s called the Basic Needs Hub — a space for anyone on campus who needs something to eat. It looks like a miniature gourmet grocery, but it is, effectively, a food pantry.





1. NY Times of Dec. 9, 2017 Official Toll in Puerto Rico: 62. Actual Deaths May Be 1,052. By FRANCES ROBLES, KENAN DAVIS, SHERI FINK and SARAH ALMUKHTAR   Officially, 62 people died because of the storm, but an analysis by The New York Times suggests that the actual number is substantially higher.

After 7 Years of Job Growth, Room for More, or Danger Ahead? By BEN CASSELMAN      Payrolls grew by 228,000 last month and the unemployment rate was the lowest since 2000. Now, the economic challenge may be to prevent overheating.

2. NY Times of Jan. 6, 2018  With much of the Northeast and Midwest feeling like a block of ice, the temperature here in the high peaks of New Hampshire’s White Mountains was forecast to drop to 40 degrees below zero overnight Friday. The wind chill could make the air feel as cold as 100 below zero. That is not a typo. Negative. 100.


3.NY Times of Jan. 22, 2018 Siege at Kabul Hotel Caps a Violent 24 Hours in Afghanistan By MUJIB MASHAL and FATIMA FAIZI  The Taliban attack at the Intercontinental Hotel left at least 18 dead, but the toll from assaults across four provinces of the country surpassed 50.

4. NY Times/California Today of Jan. 23, 2018 Hundreds of thousands of protesters and activists marched across the state on Saturday. In Los Angeles alone, an estimated half-million people gathered downtown wearing pink hats and bright costumes; participants chanted, delivered rousing speeches and warned against political apathy.

5. NY Times/California Today of Feb. 2, 2018  Even so, it hasn’t rained nearly as much as the previous year, which was extraordinary wet. According to one important index, the northern Sierra Nevada has gotten only about 20 inches of rain since Oct. 1 — 70 percent of average for this time of year.

The state’s snowpack is fairing even worse. State data says that the amount of water held in the snow right now is only about 27 percent of normal. A state water official manually measured the snowpack at one location Thursday morning, and found only 13.6 inches of snow on the ground; that snow had 2.6 inches of water content in it, which officials say is just 14 percent of what is considered average for early February.

6. NY Times/California Today of Feb. 9, 2018 For years, scientists have warned that we are due for a major earthquake. But getting Californians to buy earthquake insurance was a difficult sell – only around 10 percent of households in the state have it. (a little bit longer sentence is omitted.) Last year the earthquake authority saw a record increase of 90,000 new customers, compared with an average annual increase of 7,000 over the previous decade.


7. NY Times/California Today of Mar. 8, 2019 Who/what is Govern for California?
It’s a network of about 300 donors and growing, and they are Democrats, Republicans and Independents.


8. NY Times/California Today of Mar. 26, 2018  Tens of thousands of demonstrators across California marched in solidarity with national protests for gun control on Saturday, a sea of people awash in homemade signs, blaring music and anti-gun chants.




Relative & Relative clouse

1. NY Times of Aug. 7, 207 By CHARLES ORNSTEIN and KATIE THOMAS Consumers have grown used to being told to give up their brand-name drugs in favor of cheaper generics. Now some are finding the opposite is true.

2. NY Times/California Today of Nov. 17, 2017 The first drenching rains of the season, an atmospheric river that came ashore this week, flooded roadways and snarled traffic in the San Francisco Bay Area on Thursday. For one group of residents, the region’s homeless, the rains were more than just an inconvenience.


Relation-concerned Phrase or Preposition for introducing a subject in writing or talking – related to, relating to, relevant to, as for, as to, for, with, with regard to, concerning, regarding, in this/that regard 

1. NY Times, Los Angeles edition, of Sept. 27, 2017 It has long been one of the lesser-known facts about the life of Barack Obama. For all the talk about the former president and his Ivy alma maters — Columbia University and Harvard Law School — he actually spent the first two years of his higher education life, from 1979 to 1981, attending Occidental College in Los Angeles. For Occidental, or Oxy as it is known, Mr. Obama has long been its little-known claim to fame. That may be about to change for this 2,000-student private liberal arts college founded in 1887.

Ref.  Friederike Klippel's Keep Talking – Communicative Fluency Activities for English Teaching , published by Cambridge University Press /Appendix: list of speech acts


2. NY Times of Sept. 29, 2017 With Tax Cuts on the Table, Once-Mighty Deficit Hawks Hardly Chirp By THOMAS KAPLAN Senate Republicans are pressing ahead with a plan to cut taxes by up to $1.5 trillion, and those worried about the deficit have little company.


3. Excerpted from TIME of 2016 (prior to the 2016 U.S presidential election) by KATE SAMUELSON 7 Ideas from other countries that could improve U.S. elections Americans are unhappy with this year's presidential election, with two historically disliked major candidates and concerns rising about election fraud and voter suppression.


Return-to-Asian era


1. Nikkei Asian Review of March 31, 2018  Migrants look to Asia, the new land of opportunity More workers turn east as US and Europe shut their doors IORI KAWATE, Nikkei staff writer (partially omitted) TOKYO — Tokyo's Korea Town, Shin-Okubo, is undergoing a wave of disruption. Popping up among the Korean barbecue restaurants and skin care stores are Nepalese eateries fitted with flashing lights and loud speakers for music.Backed by the roughly 3,000 Nepalese living in the capital's Shinjuku district alone, Shin-Okubo is quickly becoming a "Nepal Town," upending the Korean dominance.


2. Nikkei Asian Review of April 4, 2018  Visit our website today and you’ll notice some drastic new improvements. You’ll now be able to access more content on Asia, faster than ever before. We’ve improved the whole experience too, making reading clearer and navigation easier. These changes are part of an ongoing improvement drive, to ensure you continue to get the best possible digital coverage of the Asian businessmarket.





1. Different from UK English, modern American English is likely to not take "sequence of tense" into so much consideration.

​2. As an emphasizing way, an adverb phrase will be put before the subject of a sentence.

3. Relative pronoune could often be cut; instead, comma for a short pause as a punctuation mark colud be used.

​Ref.- Lynne Truss's Eats, Shoots & Leaves – The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation




1. Rabbis Protest Trump's Comments by Boycotting Conference Call​ By ALEXANDER BURNS

Furious with President Trump's reaction to the Charlottesville protests, four groups of rabbis denounced him in unusually pointed language.


2. NY Times of Aug. 31, 2017 A Storm Forces Houston, the Limitless City, to Consider Its Limits​ By MANNY FERNANDEZ and RICHARD FAUSSET As it reels from the impact of Hurricane Harvey, a muscular metropolitan area that embraced growth now wonders whether growth made its flooding woes worse.


3. NY Times of Aug. 30, 2017 On Roads Turned Waterways, Volunteers Improvise to Save the Trapped and Desperate By MANNY FERNANDEZ Alongside a massive local, state and federal disaster response was an equally massive volunteer rescue effort that operated with little official guidance.


4. NYTimes of Sept. 8, 2017 Energized Trump Sees Bipartisan Path, at Least for Now By PETER BAKER and SHERYL GAY STOLBERG A day after reaching a fiscal deal with Democrats, the president waged peace with the opposition party in hopes of finding more areas of agreement.

5. NYTimes of Sept. 19, 2019 Hurricane Maria Makes Landfall in Dominica as Other Islands Brace for Potential Disaster​ By AZAM AHMED and KIRK SEMPLE The Caribbean islands scrambled to prepare for another big storm, Hurricane Maria, which was barreling through only days after Irma killed more than two dozen.

6. NY Times of Sept. 27, 2017 Roy Moore Wins Senate G.O.P. Runoff in Alabama By JONATHAN MARTIN and ALEXANDER BURNS Mr. Moore, a firebrand former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, overcame efforts by top Republicans to rescue his rival, Senator Luther Strange, soundly defeating him on Tuesday in a special primary runoff.

Comment: Please be advised to learn the use of punctuation herein.

7. NY Times of Oct. 14, 2017 In California, Fires So Fast Hesitation Proved Lethal By THOMAS FULLER and RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA As stories emerged of how people died in the wind-driven fires that have ravaged Northern California , the element common to each tragedy was how quickly it happened.

8. NY Times of Oct. 28, 2017 Talking Points Brought to Trump Tower Meeting Were Shared With Kremlin By SHARON LaFRANIERE and ANDREW E. KRAMER The information that a Russian lawyer brought to a June 2016 meeting with Trump campaign aides had been discussed with a top Russian government official.

9. NY Times of Nov. 7, 2017 The New York Fed Chief Is Stepping Down – but Not Quietly By LANDON THOMAS Jr. and TIFFANY HSU William C. Dudley, who is stepping down from his post earlier than expected, warned against moving too aggressively to roll back financial regulations. 

10. NY Times of Nov. 20, 2017 He Took On the Voting Rights Act and Won. Now He's Taking On Harvard. By ANEMONA HARTOCOLLIS Edward Blum, who has orchestrated more than two dozen lawsuits challenging racial preference laws, is now fighting affirmative action in the Ivies.

11.NY Times/California Today of Nov. 20, 2917 Today’s introduction comes from Jim Wilson, a Times photographer based in the Bay Area. Ben Hernandez stood, mostly silent, watching a crew of cleanup workers using an excavator to pick up the pieces of what was once his family’s four-bedroom home in Santa Rosa’s Coffey Park neighborhoodOccasionally he raised his phone to take a photo or record video of the scene where the deadly Tubbs fire had burned.

12. NY Times/California Today of Nov. 22, 2017 Today’s introduction comes from Adam Nagourney, the Times’s Los Angeles bureau chief. As a rule, politicians who are thinking about running for president tend to be coy. It builds the drama and encourages the “Are you running?” speculation. And should that exploration turn up evidence that running for president is a dumb idea — it happens — it’s easier to step away.

Note: (1) ”If” sentence begins with should that exploration turn up and (2) how to use punctuation – quotation and hyphen 

13. NY Times/California Today of Dec. 2 Tributes left to victims of the Ghost Ship warehouse fire adorned the fence that surrounds the property on Thursday. Jim Wilson/The New York Times The Dec. 2 blaze was America’s worst structural fire in more than a decade and was shocking for many reasons, not least the distressing realization that most of the victims were young and full of plans for the future.

14. NY Times/California Today of Dec. 8, 2017 A firefighter at the Skirball Fire near the Bel Air area of Los Angeles on Wednesday. Robyn Beck/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Good morning. “We came here for the last few days with sometimes worsening news. We are pleased to be here with better news today.” The sun was setting as Mayor Eric M. Garcetti of Los Angeles offered that report Thursday night, opening the second briefing of his day. The smell of smoke still wafted in the air, and he was talking in a park filled with firefighters, emergency vehicles, police officers and camera crews. But the San Fernando Valley sky, which two days ago had been thick with smoke, was mostly clear and the hills were no longer orange with fire.

Note: that report denotes expressions inside “ ”.

15. NY Times of Dec. 11, 2017 Under Trump, E.P.A. Has Slowed Actions Against Polluters, and Put Limits on Enforcement Officers By ERIC LIPTON and DANIELLE IVORY An analysis of enforcement data at the E.P.A. shows a substantial drop in activity against polluters when compared with the Obama and Bush administrations.

16. NY Times of Dec. 27, 2017

Years of Attack Leave Obamacare a More Government-Focused Health Law By ROBERT PEAR   Efforts by Republicans to chip away at the Affordable Care Act, culminating in the repeal of the individual mandate, have left behind a more government-focused health program.

Homeland Security Increasingly Means Putting Agents Outside the Homeland By RON NIXON   Set up to defend the United States, the Homeland Security Department is going beyond American borders to fight foreign threats from abroad.

17. NY Times of Jan. 31, 2018 Trump Issues Appeal for Unity in First State of the Union By JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS and MICHAEL D. SHEAR   The president asked Democrats to join him in overhauling immigration and rebuilding infrastructure as the Russia investigations are intensifying.

18. NY Times of Feb. 13, 2018 White House Proposes $4.4 Trillion Budget That Adds $7 Trillion to Deficits By JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS  The White House released a proposed budget that is largely irrelevant, given Congress passed a spending bill last week that outlines priorities.

19. NY Times/California Today of Mar. 15, 2018 The proposal was a 49-unit homeless housing complex on a vacant corner in the Boyle Heights section of Los Angeles. But it ran into a wall of neighborhood opposition and was blocked by Jose Huizar, the city councilman who represents the area.  (one sentence omitted) But this week, Mr. Huizar dropped his opposition. For anyone concerned with the crisis, this seems a moment worth examining.

20. NY Times/California Today of Mar. 29, 2018  Amid unrest in Sacramento over the death of Stephon Clark, 22, who was fatally shot by officers responding to a vandalism call, the city’s mayor, Darrell Steinberg, has been both criticized and praised for his response to the grief felt by his black constituents.

21. NY Times/California Today of April 9, 2018  There were dinners at the homes of Hollywood moguls, meetings with tech titans in Silicon Valley, a visit to the desert to talk about space travel with Richard Branson and a stop at Lockheed Martin to check up on satellites and a missile defense system. Along the way, he made time for (the following long sentences are omitted).

22. NY Times/California Today of April 16, 2018  There are few places where the crisis is as severe as it is in Los Angeles, where 25,000 people are living on the streets. Mayor Eric M. Garcetti on Monday will announce an aggressive $20 million program to work around neighborhood opposition and potentially build temporary 100-bed shelters on city-owned land in all 15 City Council districts.


Thesaurus (including repeated expressions in the same word or word combination, contrary to the philosophy of Thesaurus; use of the repaeted expressions in the same sentences may be acceptable to some degree, including the intention of emphasis)

1. NY Times of Aug. 17, 2017 Trump Comments on Race Open Breach With C.E.O.s, Military and G.O.P. By MICHAEL D. SHEAR, GLENN THRUSH and MAGGIE HABERMAN​ President Trump was abandoned by executives, contradicted by military leaders and shunned by Republicans outraged by his defense of white nationalists.

2.NY Times of Sept. 2, 2017 Floodwaters Inundate Beaumont as Houston Assesses Damage By AUDRA D. S. BURCH, RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA and JULIE TURKEWIT​ Across coastal Texas, millions of residents grappled with the devastating effects of storm Harvey while millions of others returned home to take in the damage.

3. NY Times of Sept. 4, 2017 Trump Seriously Considering Ending DACA, With 6-Month Delay By MAGGIE HABERMAN and GLENN THRUSH The plan, which officials said could still be changed, would give Congress time to come up with a legislative solution.

4. NY Times of Nov. 8, 2017 Trumpism Without Trump: A Losing Formula in Swing-State Virginia By MICHAEL TACKETT Ed Gillespie, the Republican candidate for governor in Virginia, ran into the clear limits of trying to run as President Trump had in a swing state.

5. NY Times/California Day of Nov. 13, 2017 from Conor Dougherty, a reporter based in the Bay Area. The Republican tax bill making its way through Congress will hit California taxpayers harder than much of the country. It is also very likely to make the state’s housing crisis worse – particularly for lower-income residents.

6. NY Times of Nov. 14, 2017 Protesters Jeer as Trump Team Promotes Coal at U.N. Climate Talks By LISA FRIEDMAN and BRAD PLUMER The Trump administration's debut at the United Nations climate conference in Bonn, Germany, was met with heckling, noisy protest and harsh questions.

Note: struggle with, face up to, address an issue


7. NY Times/California Today of April 12, 2018  Denis Poroy/Associated Press

(Excerpted from California Today’s interview with John Chiang, the California state treasurer, who is running for governor.)

Q. Are you worried the state is heading into a recession? A. People are very concerned about where we are in the economic cycle. They are very concerned about President Trump. If you look at the historical pattern, you know at some point we are going to face a recession.



1. NY Times of Aug. 5, 2017 Mueller Seeks White House Documents on Flynn By MATTHEW ROSENBERG, MATT APUZZO and MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT

Investigators have also questioned witnesses about whether Michael T. Flynn was secretly paid by the Turkish government in the final months of the 2016 presidential campaign.


2. NY Times of Aug. 3, 2017 Wall Street, Climbing Sharply, Skips Washington's 'Soap Opera' By NELSON D. SCHWARTZThe stock surge of recent months, ignited by policy prospects, is now driven by strong earnings and other factors that seem impervious to politics.


​3. NY Times of Aug. 26, 2017 North Korea Fires Short-Range Missiles From Its East Coast By CHOE SANG-HUN At a time of escalating tensions with the United States, North Korea fired several short-range missiles about 155 miles into the sea.


4. Straits Times of Aug.27, 2017 Study on legal obstacles to doing business suggests new cluster to focus on, of e-services, logistics, and financial and infrastructure services  Asean was born at a time of great change for South-east Asia, with decolonisation, rapid industrialisation and economic uncertainty. Today, at 50, Asean faces new economic alliances, a new "industrialisation" landscape known as Industry 4.0, and economic uncertainty.

5. NY Times of Sept. 12, 2017Damp, Dark and Disarrayed, Florida Starts Coping With Irma's Aftermath By ALEXANDER BURNS Widespread power losses and localized flooding caused by the hurricane threatened to bedevil the state for days, if not weeks, to come.

6. NY Times of Sept. 15, 2017North Korea Launches Another Missile, Escalating Crisis By CHOE SANG-HUN and DAVID E. SANGER The test is the 15th such one this year and the first since the country detonated its most powerful nuclear bomb to date.

7. NY Times of Sept. 21, 2017 Hurricane Maria Strikes, and Puerto Rico Goes Dark By LUIS FERRÉ-SADURNÍ and ANEMONA HARTOCOLLIS Less than two weeks after Hurricane Irma, a new storm made a direct hit on the island, knocking out its power grid.

At Mexican School Hit by Quake, Heartbreak and Dwindling Hope​ By PAULINA VILLEGAS At least 30 children died when the earthquake collapsed their school. As the hours passed, rescuers found mostly lifeless bodies, but also some survivors.

8. NY Times of Sept. 22, 2017 Puerto Rico Faces Mountain of Obstacles on the Road to Recovery By LUIS FERRÉ-SADURNÍ, LIZETTE ALVAREZ and FRANCES ROBLES​ For an island long crippled by enormous debt and an essentially bankrupt financial system, Puerto Rico's road back has gone from long to seemingly endless.

9. NY Times of Sept. 25, 2017 New Order Indefinitely Bars Almost All Travel From Seven Countries By MICHAEL D. SHEAR Starting next month, most citizens of Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Chad and North Korea will be indefinitely banned from entering the United States.

10. NY Times of Sept. 27, 2017 'This Is Like in War': A Scramble to Care for Puerto Rico's Sick and Injured By LUIS FERRÉ-SADURNÍ, FRANCES ROBLES and LIZETTE ALVAREZ The situation on Puerto Rico was becoming increasingly critical as residents struggled to find medical care amid a shortage of power, water and gasoline.

11. NY Times of Oct. 1, 2017 U.S. in Direct Communication With North Korea, Says TillersonbBy DAVID E. SANGER The confirmation marks the first time the Trump administration has acknowledged it is in contact with Pyongyang without the help of an intermediary.

cf. for the first time

12. NY Times of Dec. 28, 2017 Crime in New York City Plunges to a Level Not Seen Since the 1950s By ASHLEY SOUTHALL  The city is on pace for its lowest homicide total in decades. If the trend holds just a few more days, it will mark the 27th straight year that crime has declined.

13. NY Times of Jan. 25, 2018 Trump Says He Is Open to a Path to Citizenship for ‘Dreamers’ By MAGGIE HABERMAN, KATIE ROGERS and MICHAEL D. SHEAR   President Trump once again seemed to undercut his administration’s message, saying that he would allow the young illegal immigrants to “morph into” citizens over a period of time.

14. Times of Jan. 28, 2018 Every One of the World’s Big Economies Is Now Growing By PETER S. GOODMAN  For the first time since the global economic downturn, there is a wave of expansion that is creating jobs, lifting fortunes and tempering fears of popular discontent.

15. Over 100,000 people attended the week-long event, and the scene was, like India itself, a colorful crush of humanity. (Excerpted from: Joseph Stiglitz's Making Globalization Work, published by Penguin Books)  

16. NY Times /California Today of Feb. 27, 2018  It’s the prettiest time of year in California’s Central Valley. Along country roads, fragrant trees burst with white, pink and red flowers that normally bear a bounty of fruit in the summer. But a cold snap that gripped the state last week may have harmed the blossoms and undermined this year’s almond, peach, plum and nectarine crops. Now growers are busy assessing the fallout. “There will be damage; it’s just a matter of how bad it will be,” said John Chandler, a grower in the Fresno area. “Frost at the time that it came is really catastrophic.”

17. NY Times /California Today of Mar. 5, 2018 Whether or not you chose to spend four hours of your evening watching the Academy Awards, someone is sure to talk to you about them today. So, with a major hat tip to our reporters Brooks Barnes, Cara Buckley, Sopan Deb and Daniel Victor, and to our photographer Josh Haner (it’s like our own little acceptance speech!) we offer you an Oscars roundup you can scan quickly on your way to work.

18. NY Times/California Today of Mar. 6, 2018  Fifty years ago this month, amid the tumult of the 1960s, thousands of Chicano students from Los Angeles high schools walked out of class to protest racism and failing schools.

19. NY Times/California Today of Mar. 22,2018   More than 10 years ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger, then the Republican governor of California, told an audience of conservative leaders that the California Republican Party had moved too far to the right and was “dying at the box office.”


Use, Purpose, Method, Way, Case & Event

1. NY Times of Aug. 3, 2017 In Breakthrough, Scientists Edit a Dangerous Mutation From Genes in Human Embryos By PAM BELLUCK Researchers have found a way to reliably remove disease-causing mutations from human embryos, an achievement sure to renew concerns over so-called designer babies.


2. NY Times of Sept. 12, 2017 After U.S. Compromise, Security Council Strengthens North Korea Sanctions By SOMINI SENGUPTA  The Security Council adopted a measure that sets a modest cap on oil imports to North Korea, far weaker than what the United States had sought.






Note 1: It seems that a limited, not many, number of basical verb, or intuitively appealing verb, tends to be used.

Note 2: Dynamism of languages & culture is likely to be found out in American English, Singaporean English and so on.


1. NY Times of Aug. 14, 2017

Hurt and Angry, Charlottesville Tries to Regroup From Violence By SHERYL GAY STOLBERG

After a white nationalist rally led to melees and the death of a 32-year-old woman, the city tried to recover – as the police, in particular, came in for criticism.


White House Acts to Stem Fallout From Trump's First Charlottesville Remarks


A statement from the White House, under siege over President Trump's initial comments, on Sunday condemned "white supremacists" for inciting violence that left a woman dead.


North Korea's Missile Success Is Linked to Ukrainian Plant, Investigators Say By WILLIAM J. BROAD and DAVID E. SANGER

Investigators are focusing on the factory as a black-market source for North Korea, a new report and classified intelligence assessments say.


​2. NY Times of Aug. 22, 2017 Trump Sets U.S. Strategy but No 'Blank Check' for Afghan War By JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS and MARK LANDLER

The president embraced deepened American involvement in a nearly 16-year-old war, but he did not say how many troops would be committed or how he would judge success.


3. NY Times of Aug. 25, 2017 Naval Vessels, Shadowy by Intent, Are Hard for Commercial Ships to Spot By KEITH BRADSHER and HANNAH BEECH​  They are designed to avoid detection by enemy fleets and aircraft, but this has proved deadly in crowded waters like those near Singapore and Tokyo.


​4. NY Times of Aug. 29, 207 Texas Governor Warns of a Long, Slow Recovery​ By JULIE TURKEWITZ, RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA and JACK HEALY The flooding from tropical storm Harvey that has turned neighborhoods into lakesis just the start of a disaster that will take years to overcome.

5. NY Times of Aug. 31, 2017 Trump in Missouri Lays Groundwork for Tax Overhaul but Offers No Details​ By JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS and BINYAMIN APPELBAUM In a speech on Wednesday in Springfield, Mo., President Trump laid out the case for cutting taxes for businesses and individuals and for simplifying the tax code.

6. NY Times of Sept., 2017 On DACA, President Trump Has No Easy Path​ By GLENN THRUSH, MAGGIE HABERMAN and JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS Delaying a decision on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program would buy the president some breathing room but displease nearly everyone else.

NY Times of Sept., 2017 U.S. Urges Fuel Cutoff for North Korea, Saying It's 'Begging for War' By DAVID E. SANGER and CHOE SANG-HUNTrump administration officials said a cutoff was a last best chance to resolve the standoff with the North using sanctions rather than military means.

7. Herald Tribune of Sept. 11, 2017 Hurricane Irma’s late shift east largely spared the area from what could have been much greater damage. Huricane Irma left Manatee County to contend with downed power lines, uprooted trees, crinkled business signs and debris-covered streets on Monday morning — and never before were people so happy to clean up a mess.

​Comments: Herald Tribune is International edition of The New York Times, available in Asian area as well.

8. NY Times of Sept. 27, 2017 Senate Republicans Say They Will Not Vote on Health Bill By THOMAS KAPLAN and ROBERT PEAR Senate Republicans said they would not move ahead with a vote on the latest plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which lacked the support to pass.

9. NY Times of Sept. 28, 2017 Trump Proposes the Most Sweeping Tax Overhaul in Decades By JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS and ALAN RAPPEPORT In Indiana, President Trump began an intense push to slash taxes and salvage what is left of his foundering legislative agenda in Congress.

10. NY Times of Oct. 4, 217 Meticulous Planning by Las Vegas Gunman Before He Opened Fire By JENNIFER MEDINA, RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA and ADAM GOLDMAN New details emerged about how Stephen Paddock managed to kill 58 people and himself, and investigators said they hoped to learn more from his girlfriend.

11. NY Times of Oct. 5, 2017 

Republicans Open to Banning 'Bump Stocks' Used in Massacre By SHERYL GAY STOLBERG and TIFFANY HSU After resisting any gun legislation for decades, Republican lawmakers say they will examine the kits used in Las Vegas toturn rifles into rapid-firing weapons.

Las Vegas Gunman Chased Gambling's Payouts and Perks By JOHN BRANCH, SERGE F. KOVALESKI and SABRINA TAVERNISE Stephen Paddock was well known to casino hosts: He would sit at video poker machines for hours, often wagering more than $100 a hand, and sometimes winning tens of thousands.

Hurricane Damage in Puerto Rico Leads to Fears of Drug Shortages Nationwide By KATIE THOMAS and SHEILA KAPLAN Two weeks after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, manufacturers are rushing to get their plants on the island back on line to avoid production problems.

12. NY Times of Oct. 6, 2017 For Republican Leaders in Congress, the Headaches Keep Mounting By JONATHAN MARTIN and ALEXANDER BURNS Republican leaders find themselves under attack from the right and left, questioned by their donors and even threatened by the Trump White House.


13. NY Times of Oct. 7, 2017 'My Stomach Dropped': Harrowing Night for Twin Brothers of the Las Vegas Police By JENNIFER MEDINA As Sergeant Branden Clarkson helped direct officers responding to the mass shooting, he learned his brother, a detective, had been shot in the neck.

Company Scrambles as Weinstein Takes Leave and a Third of the Board Resigns By MEGAN TWOHEY and NIRAJ CHOKSHI The moves came as employees and business partners of the company voiced concern about sexual harassment allegations, revealed in a New York Times investigation.

14. NY Times of Oct. 11, 2017 Wildfires Burn Out of Control Across Northern California; 17 Are Dead By THOMAS FULLER, RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA and JONAH ENGEL BROMWICH The two biggest and most destructive fires consumed more than 52,000 acres in Napa and Sonoma Counties, the heart of wine country.

Comment: I, who had lived an about 2 years and half live in Orange county, I really pray the wildfires are falling in still earlier control.


15. Straits Times / Business of Oct. 16, 2017 Electric cars: Look out for the 'Kodak moment' by Goh Eng Yeow, Senior Correspondent        When Apple launched its wildly popular iPhone a decade ago, you would expect other mobile phone makers such as Nokia and Motorola to have come under threat, and so it proved.

As it turned out, they were vanquished by the competition and have all but disappeared into the dusty pages of history. But the revolution unleashed by the iPhone goes far beyond transforming the telephone sector. Other global household names got obliterated as well.

16. Excerpted from: NY Times/California Today of Oct. 19, 2017 Why Jerry Brown Vetoes By MIKE MCPHATE Surrounded by lawmakers and other officials, Gov. Jerry Brown signed bills designed to address California's housing crisis last month. Eric Risberg /Associated Press

The bills have kept coming. With the 2017 legislative session now officially ended, Mr. Brown has signed nearly 6,000 measures over his latest two terms, according to government figures.

17. NY Times of Nov. 6, 2017 Saudi Crown Prince's Mass Purge Upends a Longstanding System By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK The move appeared to be the most sweeping shift in governance the kingdom has experienced for more than eight decades.


18. NY Times of Nov. 10, 2017 Case of Missing Lebanese Prime Minister Stirs Middle East Tensions By ANNE BARNARD and DAVID M. HALBFINGER A series of odd events in the Middle East have analysts and diplomats wondering if they are connected, and whether they are a prelude to war.


19. NY Times/California Today of April 10, 2018  In 2015, landlords filed 51,203 eviction cases in Los Angeles County. That number sounds high, but it represents a relatively small share — roughly 3 percent — of all renter households in the county.





1. Straits Times of Aug. 23, 2017 "With so much uncertainty at its leadership, Samsung may move more slowly than before to make the kind of bold, large-scale investments that made it so successful today," Mr Chung told AFP.

2. NY Times of Aug. 31, 2017 As Houston Looks to Recover, Small Towns Now Bear the Brunt​ By CAMPBELL ROBERTSON, RICK ROJAS and SHAILA DEWAN Houston has begun assessing the damage of Harvey, but the storm marched on to conquer a new swath speckled with small towns and home to millions.

3. NY Times of Sept. 3,, 2017 For One Family in Houston, an Overwhelming Start to Recovery By JACK HEALY With no preparation and few road maps to guide them, hurricane survivors like the Amofas are stumbling through their first bewildering days after Harvey.

4.NY Times of Sept. 8, 2017 Hurricane Irma Barrels Toward U.S., Threatening to Engulf Florida​ By LIZETTE ALVAREZ and MARC SANTORA The storm prompted the largest evacuation in Florida history, with people scrambling into crowded shelters and jamming highways.

5. NY Times of Sept. 28, 2017 Twitter, With Accounts Linked to Russia, to Face Congress Over Role in Election By DAISUKE WAKABAYASHI and SCOTT SHANE Facebook has faced the most scrutiny over social media's role in the 2016 election. But Twitter may have been used even more extensively by Russians.

6. NY Times of Sept. 3, 2017 A Burst of Gunfire, a Pause, Then Carnage in Las Vegas That Would Not Stop By KEN BELSON, JENNIFER MEDINA and RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA Thousands of concertgoers found themselves turned into targets, and in the chaos, many tried to lie flat, with no idea they were being fired upon from above.

7. NY Times of Oct. 16, 2017 Mogadishu Truck Bombings Are Deadliest Attack in Decades By HUSSEIN MOHAMED, ERIC SCHMITT and MOHAMED IBRAHIM With at least 270 people dead, suspicion fell on the Shabab, a militant group that has been losing ground but, it now appears, perhaps not strength.

8. NY Times/California Today of Nov. 8, 2017 Today’s introduction comes from Jennifer Medina, a national correspondent based in Los Angeles. Latinos make up the majority of students in California. And the state is widely regarded as being a bastion of Latino political power, with Latinos holding many of the top positions in Sacramento. 

9. NY Times Nov. 9, 2017 Suburbs Rebel Against Trump, Threatening Republicans in Congress By ALEXANDER BURNS and JONATHAN MARTIN Suburban areas appear to be in open revolt against President Trump, with a coalition of educated whites and minorities shunning Republican candidates.

10. NY Times/Special California Today of Dec. 8, 2017 Ventura County firefighters worked to douse embers in Ventura on Thursday. Hilary Swift for The New York Times Good afternoon. This is a special edition of California Today, sent to provide the latest news of the wildfires raging across greater Los Angeles. Southern California is fighting a renewed onslaught from the wildfires, with emergency crews contending with brisk winds, steep terrain and fatigue from days of relentless work.

11. NY Times of Dec. 14, 2017 Alabama Loss Exposes Republican Fissures Amid a Democratic Surge By JONATHAN MARTIN and ALEXANDER BURNS With the Republican majority in the Senate now reduced to a single seat, the party's establishment is uneasy about what the populist wing could do in next year's primary races.

12. NY Times/California today of Dec.26, 2017 The fires that ripped across California have produced a round of commentary about the perils that come with living in this state. It is nothing new. California has inspired a whole genre of literature and film over the years: dark and apocalyptic, with a disaster lurking behind every stunning sunset illuminating those late-afternoon winter surfers on the Pacific.

13. NY Times /California Today of Dec. 27, 2017 In the aftermath of the wildfires that swept through Napa and Santa Rosa in October, Mr. Coursey said his office has been inundated with emails from tenants urging him and the council to enact expanded renter protections, as well as from landlords who worry that the emergency just cause ordinance will eventually become permanent. The Santa Rosa City Council is expected to take up the measure early next year.

14. NY Times of Jan. 21, 2018 Bitter Bickering Muddies the Path to Ending the Government Shutdown By THOMAS KAPLAN and SHERYL GAY STOLBERG  With the government shut down and the two parties faulting each other, senators from both parties were looking for an agreement to end the crisis.

15. NY Times of Feb. 26, 2018  With Olympics Over, Team Korea Goes Back to Being 2 Countries By MOTOKO RICH  Athletes from North and South Korea waved the flags of their own countries as they arrived for the closing ceremony. Only time will tell whether Olympic diplomacy has had a lasting effect.

16. NYTimes/California Today of Mar.14, 2018 President Trump's visit to California
With Mexico off in the distance, speaker after speaker stepped to the podium Tuesday, each offering their vision of California values. There was a congressman, pastors, a rabbi, a representative of the Muslim community, a union organizer.

17.  NY Times/California Today of Mar. 20, 2018  With opening day a little more than a week away, the Dodgers’ third baseman, Justin Turner, got hit by a pitch and broke his wrist Monday night. Turner batted .322 with 21 homers last season. [Associated Press via ESPN]

18. Nikkei Asian Review of Mar. 26, 2018 Get insights into Asia  With more reporters and contributors across the region than any other business publication, only Nikkei Asian Review can give you a view of business in Asia from the inside. Stay abreast of the latest news, analysis and insights with a subscription to Nikkei Asian Review. Also find translations of the best material from The Nikkei, Japan' s leading business and economic news daily.

19. NY Times/California Today of April 4, 2018  Farmers across California’s agriculture industry are worried over the escalating trade conflict between the United States and China, with steep new tariffs specifically targeting some of the state’s most lucrative exports.



Ref. – try to consult with:; in addition to Google Translate, this Web site dictionary might be one of the most contemporary for word-combination, in particular. Incidentally, you could consult with Google Chrome/Translate, while reading a Web site article on the Google Chrome. In using Translate, it is actually convenient for you to execute Copy & Paste.

1.  NY Times of Sept. 4, 2017 Trump Seriously Considering Ending DACA, With 6-Month Delay By MAGGIE HABERMAN and GLENN THRUSH The plan, which officials said could still be changed, would give Congress time to come up with a legislative solution.

​2.NY Times of Sept. 8, 2017​ Mercurial Trump Rattles Republican Party Ahead of Midterms​ By JONATHAN MARTIN and ALEXANDER BURNS From siding with Democrats to inspiring Trump-like primary challengers, President Trump is shaking up the political environment ahead of the midterms.

Mexico Earthquake, Strongest in a Century, Kills Dozens​ By PAULINA VILLEGAS, ELISABETH MALKIN and KIRK SEMPLE The quake, which struck off the Pacific Coast, set off tsunami warnings and scattered frightened residents into the streets as far as Mexico City.

3. NY Times of Oct. 17, 2017 Trump and McConnell Strive for Comity Amid Rising Tensions By MICHAEL D. SHEAR and SHERYL GAY STOLBERG President Trump and Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, put on a public display of bonhomie, waving aside reports of a disintegrating relationship.

4. NY Times of Oct. 27, 2017 Trump Declares Opioid Crisis a 'Health Emergency' but Requests No Funds By JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS The long-promised directive fulfills a vow but falls short of the national emergency declaration President Trump had pledged.


Words with a diversity of meaning – 

1. NY Times of Oct. 12, 2017 Weinstein Company Was Aware of Payoffs in 2015 By MEGAN TWOHEY As the company seeks to distance itself from Harvey Weinstein, there are conflicting accounts about what it knew and how it responded.

2. NY Times / California Today of Oct. 12, 2017 A Rising Death Toll From Wildfires By MIKE MCPHATE A full accounting of the loss of life in Northern California’s wildfires has been agonizingly slow to emerge.

3. NY Times of Oct. 21, 2017 Conflicting Accounts in Niger Ambush Are Subject of Pentagon Investigation By DIONNE SEARCEY, HELENE COOPER and ERIC SCHMITT Nigerien officials have said that a convoy gave chase to Islamic militants who later returned to ambush them, but American troops say they didn't pursue the militants before the attack.

4. NY Times of Oct. 30, 2017 Trump Tries to Shift Focus as First Charges Reportedly Loom in Russia Case By JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS In a series of Twitter posts, President Trump attacked Hillary Clinton, saying Republicans were now pushing back against the Russia allegations by looking into her.

Russia Uses Its Oil Giant, Rosneft, as a Foreign Policy Tool By CLIFFORD KRAUSS The Kremlin has used the company to help Venezuela's government avoid collapse as Moscow looks to project more economic and political sway.

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