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These are a kindle edition, the latest edition, partially in Japanese, with much of them excerpted from NY Times headlines.

This book has been available in a POD (print on demand) version arranged by

Fourth edition of this book titled [Enjoy C-Pen and Kindle to create Personal Collection of English Expressions], with Practice of Personal Collection of English Expressions described in Part 1 and (how to create)Personal Collection of English Expressions in Part 2, was also released in Kindle ebook edition on the 1st of Nov., 2014. As its author, I'd really appreciate your visit to kindle books at to make a search with c-pen and kindle as keyword or your clicking the in-parentheses coloured title  [Enjoy C-Pen and Kindle to create Personal Collection of English Expressions] (ASIN#B00P30AF34, for 4th edition) where hyperlinks set up between Table of Contents and the contents would have you jumping to your favorite pages to help you save time.

Just for your information: Part 1 of this book has followed Part 2 of the preceding title [Enjoy Communal Reading with C-Pen and Kindle for Summarizing] (ASIN#B00K4BS4Z8, for 3rd edition); you will find out it by visiting  another page of this site.

The following is excerped from part of Introduction page:

A Collection of English Expressions work has been essential for me to continuously brush up on my English reading & writing ability. The following is Table of Contents of my personally categorized Personal Collection of English Expressions.  (The categorization will freely be made on a grammatical basis or to personal interests or fields concerned. In addition, please be advised that addition of sourses of each collected text will be necessary for valuable collection.)

Table of Contents of Part 1

Account for / Actuation / Adverb – its use and position 01 / Adverb – its use and position 02 /Allow & Permit / Alternative in expression & Reference / Anticipation & Time schedule/Appearance & Feature / Assure, Ensure & To Be Sure /Available / Beginning of Expression /Classification, Categorization & Correspondence / Commitment / Compact & Combined /Expressions / Comparison 01 / Comparison 02 / Comparison 03 /Competition /Compliance & Accord 01 / Compliance & Accord 02 / condition,situation & conditional expression / Demonstration & Presentation / Direction & Framework / Dynamic American /Expression in Plain Words & Plain English / Implementation / in (noun) of /individual & collective / Infinitive / Interest & Concern / noun + noun / objective, subjective, practice & approach/ Obtain & its synonyms / Order & Ranking 01 / Order & Ranking 02 /Past participle & Present participle / Phase, Stage & Scene / Position & Place /Present participle 01 / Present participle 02 / Price / provide (someone or something) with (something)/ Punctuation (incl. parenthesis, comma and so on) / Quantity, Increase & Decrease 01 /Quantity, Increase & Decrease 02 / Quantity, Increase & Decrease 03 / quantity, increase & decrease 05 / Quantity, Increase & Decrease 06 / Quantity, Increase & Decrease 07 / quantity, increase & decrease 08/ Quantity, Increase & Decrease 09 / Quantity, Increase & Decrease 10 /Range & Variation / Recognition & Identification / Relation, Association, Concern & Combination 01 /Relation, Association, Concern & Combination 02 / Relative pronoun / Require, Demand & Need /Restriction (use of in as preposition) / Sentence structure Part1-01 / Sentence structure Part1-02 /Sentence structure Part2-01 / Sentence structure Part2-02 / Thesaurus / Time 01 / Time 02 / Time 03 /Time 04 / Time 05 / Time 06 / Time 07 / Time 08 / Time 09 / use, purpose, method, way, case & event 01 / Use, Purpose, Method, Way, Case & Event 02 / With-related phrase

Just for your information: With hyperlinks set up between Table of Contents as above and its contents, the files of Personal Collection of EnglishExpressions have been uploaded to a Dropbox robust, reliable cloud storage system; text format is therein used so as to be shared with MS Words users as well. Even if clicking any items of Table of Contents above, you can not jump to its contents; instead you are required to inform us ( of your e-mail address asking for sharing the files. We will soon follow the default procedures of Dropbox where we can add your e-mail address so that you can open the files of Personal Collection of English Expressions by following the steps below:

1. first of all, register in www. using the same e-mail address as you informed us of,

2. select [share 共有],

3. click [new shared folder 新しい共有フォルダ] /the folder [Collection of Eng. Expr. for OOo hyperlink]

4. and you will find an invitation to it from us, then

5. click [permit 承認] and you will be able to

6. open [Collection of Eng. Expr. for OOo hyperlink]

Every time you visit the folder [Collection of Eng. Expr. for OOo hyperlink] at, firstly try to open the top file, a] table of contents for HP.odt

Please be advised to visit UM's Web site and you will find the pages – (1) Let the C-Pen Take Notes for you and (2) DyslexiaHelp at the University of Michigan.




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