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I have done the best for a long time to “Read more, Write and Speak well” – part of the cover description of one of my published titles, which [Enjoy English Expressions – how to create your personal dictionary] page in this site will help.

Just for your information:

The following is excerpted from “From The New York Times’s newsroom” of Nov. 15, 2017 by Jodi Rudoren, New York Times Editorial Director, NYT Global:

I know you appreciate this work, but you may not realize how expensive it is to produce. The reporters who broke the Weinstein story did nothing but that for months. David and his colleagues traveled frequently to Saudi Arabia — our journalists reported from more than 140 countries last year. The Daily, our new signature podcast, has a devoted team of seven people: that’s why it’s so much better than anything like it. We can only do these things because we have support from our subscribers. My colleagues and I do this work because we believe — as I think you do — in the importance of independent journalism for bringing clarity to this complex world we live in. I hope you’ll join the ranks of our subscribers. Here’s how. (Three options are avaiable as of Nov. 21, 2017)

2. NY Times of Aug. 4, 2018  Greetings from the New York Times newsroom! I’m Lara Takenaga, a journalist here, and I feel honored to be in touch daily with Times readers as a member of the Reader Center. Our team is focused on listening to readers, responding to your questions and incorporating your feedback and ideas into our work. Independent, original journalism is at the heart of everything The Times does. In an era of misinformation and relentless attacks on the media, our commitment to holding power to account seems more urgent than ever. (the followings are omitted.)

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