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How to use Kindlle to listen to personal documents

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Use the excellent character scanning feature of C-Pen DictionaryPen and you could speedily put your favorite text as personal documents described below on a PC screen through USB connection and enjoy effectively working.

We could enjoy English languages learning, making good use of Kindle’s Text-to-Speech, in short TTS, feature on Personal Document or Collected English Expression about which I mention on several pages of my Web site –


Firstly required is to get Send-to-Kindle email address(*) issued and then send your personal documents to the address.

(*) how to get it issued – procedure:

   1. login to

   2. [Account Services] / [Contents and Devices management] / [Registration of devices in advance and then selection of one of them like Kindle Fire HD 8] / [Setting] selection of “Personal Document”


Secondly, (1) create your personal documents in file type such as .doc and .docx supported by Kindle Personal Documents Service and then save those with file name attached and (2) in sending the personal documents to Send-to-Kindle email address issued according to the procedure above, necessitated is to attach the said documents to the said email. On successfully sending out the documents, you will receive from Amazon Kindle Support a message(*) that your sent-out documents based on Kindle Personal Document Service have just automatically archived in Kindle Library or [Docs], as long as you do not delete them using [Contents and Devices management].


(*)  It will be limitted to the first-time execution for you to receive the message from Amazon Kindle Support, as far as you do not fail to mail out your personal document to the Send-to-Kiindle email address.  


Thirdly, required is to connect to Wi-Fi your Kindle tablet – Fire HD and Kindle 2 as well – registered in your Amazon account/Account Services/Contents and Device management/Personal Document setting: you will find your personal documents in Library [Docs].


Just for your information – my own procedure is as follows:

Network name: SSID – printed on the bottom of gateway (supplied by KDDI/au)

For ASUS, 2.4GB aterm 466aed-g

For Kindle Fire HD, 2.4GB (WEP) aterm 466aed-gw

Password: 9f31348748cf2


Fourthly, now listen to personal documents with Kindle’s TTS function featuring IVONA’s award-wining natural language TTS voice.


Note: Most Kindle contents and personal documents are eligible for the TTS function. Please be advised to see Text-to-Speech : Enabled on the product detail page prior to purchasing Kindle eBooks.


Step 1. While opening a personal document, tap the center of the screen, and then tap the menu icon – three vertical dots – in the upper right corner.

Step 2. Tap [Additional Settings], and then tap the switch next to [Text-to-Speech] to turn it on.

Step 3. Tap the screen to show the progress bar, and then tap [Play] button in the screen bottom next to the progress bar to hear the text read aloud. To increase or decrease the reading speed of the TTS voice, tap [Narration Speed] icon which looks like a small clock on the left side of [Play] button.

You can listen to the Text-to-Speech voice through the integrated speaker with Dolby Audio in your device or through earphones plugged into the headphone jack on the device.


Tip: If you’re reading a book or a document in another language, you can download a Text-to-Speech voice for that language without leaving the book or the document. Tap the download prompt at the bottom of the progress bar to install the Text-to-Speech voice.




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