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The Kindle eBooks on the left are e-edition of the paperback [Enjoy Your Categorized Collections of English Expressions and Text-to-Speech – Combined Use between C-Pen, Kindle, IVONA and NaturalReaders] by Mitsumochi Yanagawa.


dscf0423KindleFire HD 8 tablet (6th generation)as well, I have recently purchased, is equipped with a text-to-speech function; it features IVONA's award-winning natural language text-to-speech voice. I've just started to check on the TTS function peculiar to the said Kindle. Its directly combined use with the NaturalReader software is impossible; instead, the NaturalReader software downloaded onto iOS devices, Android devices as well as Windows and Mac OSX platforms could be applied to Kindle books, Web site articles, news media articles, e-mail texts  and the like which we have purchased or got delivered.

​Note: Regarding language rhythm, Dr. Gabriele Lusser Rico describes in her title [Writing the Natural Way] as follows – Natural writing depends heavily on the multisensory nature of language; we are all too little accustomed to hearing, seeing, and feeling as we write, because we are generally taught writing as though it were a business apart from our five senses.( Excerpted from page 136 of the title)

Note: Described in Lynne Truss' Eats, Shoots & Leaves as well is "To point up – rather in the manner of musical notation – such literary qualities as rhythm, direction, pitch, tone and flow."

Just for your information:

1. IVONA is an Amazon company; .concerning the clipboard below: By inputting "(product keywords) refurbished," we could also find Certified Refurbished products featuring (1) great prices on like-new products, (2) 1-year limited warranty and (3) certified to work and look like new.

2. As for Text-to-Speech functions executed by NaturalReaders and printed book with audio tool including ebook, visit the other pages.

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