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Memorandum for Effective Working with Pleasure

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Memorandum for Effective Working with Pleasure


1. This Web site is based on a philosophy of "Dicover a variety of things by ourselves rather than Given them by others."

    The philosophy is closely related to Google AI algorithm has been developed in the GO game.

     See: Google reveals secret test of AI bot to beat top Go players :…/google-reveals-secret-test-of-ai-bot-to-beat-top-… 2017/01/04 – A mystery player causing a stir in the world of the complex strategy game Go has been revealed as an updated version of AlphaGo, the artificial-intelligence (AI) program created by Google's London-based AI firm, DeepMind.

    The said article is scheduled to be updated before long, around the later October of 2017.


    Excerpted from Nature, UK cience magazine: Nature News of 18 October 2017 Self-taught AI is best yet at strategy game Go Artificial-intelligence program AlphaGo Zero trained in just days, without any human input. ByElizabeth Gibney. AlphaGo Zero came up with Go strategies that human players haven't invented in thousands of years.An artificial intelligence (AI) program from Google-owned company DeepMind has reached superhuman level at the strategy game Go — without learning from any human moves.


2.    Serial and Parallel arrangements

This Web site is originally based on a philosophy of “not piling documents up but spreading them out for our idea developing.” In other words, it is arranged sequentially just like a digital data stream. In another hand, how about converting our working style into parallel arrangements?

For instance, I have made good use of three PC platforms, one standalone and two Notes, in parallel for more effective working in my home office; one Note is oten used for Google Translate, another Note is for Web site editing, facts finding, Google search, email managements, etc. and standalone PC connected to a printer is for creating files, filling in informative data, editing and so on. For sharing data among these three PCs used is a cloud storage like Dropbox which is indispensable for the communal reading as well; in this regard, visit [Enjoy Communal Reading – how to summarize documents] page..


3.    How about launching your own Web site in global English languages to transmit your ideas, your interests, your pleasure of daily finding things out, and so on toword plenty of colleagues on earth?


For ref. 1) Richard P. Feynman’s The Pleasure of Finding Things Out, 2) Guy Winch’s Emotional First Aid, 3) Bertrand Russell's The Conguest of Happiness


Making good use of the C-Pen products like DictionaryPen and ReaderPen, how about reading  the literary works of Kazuo Ishiguro with 2017 Novel Prize and 1989 Booker Prize awarded.

4. An American futurist had made a future prediction over Asian Era’ arrival in the near future.

Now, Kyoto University Academic Press has been publishing a series of titles over the area-by-area current states in high-quality English, while cooperating with National University of Singapore/Press Dept. and Australia’s TransPacific Press, Inc. I really appreciate it as one of the activities for permanent peace for all the human races.  

5. Shall we keep personally favorite keywords or theme in mind while responding to the current trend so that we will be able to raise reading concentration still higher. For instance; economical & cultural return to the Asian era, the Pacific Age, India, China, Singapore, AI, EV, Google AI.   Ref. The Economist novemver 15th 2014 – The Pacific Age

6. How to address the lack of RAM memory size: please be advised – we may be sometimes warned that RAM memory in your PC platform has not become enough. In that case, it is recommended that LAN cable connection may be replaced by Wi-Fi one so that RAM area will be cosumed less and the PC operation should be more stable.  Needless to say, shall we try to cut off them aggressively always whenever we find out arrived e-mails as well as applications unnecessary.

In addition, remove the mouse from the PC note and you will find that the keyboard operation help instead consume RAM even less.

Recommended is reaonably-priced ASUS equipped with 4GB RAM so that we will be able to enjoy its stable operation of the platform.

7. It seems that a Silicon Valley, California, U.S., culture is based on consistent implementations of “Build Up Hypotheses and then Demonstrate them,” which I think we also execute it unconsciously. Now shall we consciously do it to achieve things reformingly. 

8. I have done the best for a long time to “Read more, Write and Speak well” – part of the cover description of one of my published titles, which [Enjoy English Expressions – how to create your personal dictionary] page in this site will help.

Just for your information:

The following is excerpted from “From The New York Times’s newsroom” of Nov. 15, 2017 by Jodi Rudoren, New York Times Editorial Director, NYT Global:

I know you appreciate this work, but you may not realize how expensive it is to produce. The reporters who broke the Weinstein story did nothing but that for months. David and his colleagues traveled frequently to Saudi Arabia — our journalists reported from more than 140 countries last year. The Daily, our new signature podcast, has a devoted team of seven people: that’s why it’s so much better than anything like it. We can only do these things because we have support from our subscribers. My colleagues and I do this work because we believe — as I think you do — in the importance of independent journalism for bringing clarity to this complex world we live in. I hope you’ll join the ranks of our subscribers. Here’s how. (Three options are avaiable as of Nov. 21, 2017)

9. With reference to globalization in a still more variety of fields of  politics, economy, culutre and so on, the following publications would be helpful:

For more reserences: 

Albert-Laszli Barabasi’s Linked (Subtitle: How Everything is Connected to Everything Else and What It Means for Business, Science, and Everyday Life)

David Crystal's English as a Global Language

The 10 Best Books of 2017 – The New York Times & Financial Times Book of the year 2017

10. Interface and Impedance

Please be advised to those who aim at IoT, AI as well as electronics worlds: One of themes I keep in mind is interfaces as hardware – medium which bridges human beings to algorithm as computing software – and impedance indispensable to build up the interfaces.

Just for ref. – NVIDEA, the lagest firm in the world (as of early 2018) for AI processor

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