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MOLESKINE Album & Planner for Panorama Idea Folder (left photo), Handmade Panorama Idea Folder with F4-sized, 200g thru 300g and spiral-type water colour used (right photo)

Philosophy on which Ingenious Idea Releasing Note named PANORAMA is based is: not only pile up your ingenious idea but also release, expand and develop it. It is a folder to release your ingenious idea the panoramic way, where any A4-sized or letter-sized document, either handwritten or printed, and so on can be attached in each sheet with a double sided tape like the 3M Scotch one by which the document can easily be removed, replaced or changed.

With the size plentiful and the usability good for idea developing, Panorama Idea Folder on the other hand might take slight efforts for making. As for Japanese Album (the photograph left) of traditional MOLESKINE, the size shrinks as shown below, but its panorama style can release an idea the same way. With 3M Post-It, you can use it repeatedly without writing in it directly. In addition, MOLESKINE Project Planner for diary becomes even smaller in size, but prices tend to fall down if the time is over. (As of July 25, 2014, for instance, MOLESKINE announced its mid-year sale that you could buy Project Planner, one of the 2014 diary items at as much discount as 70%.)

MOLESKINE Japanese Album A4 (white) 13.3×21.3×1.2cm 48pages ISBN-10#8862933096

MOLESKINE Japanese Album A4 (black) 13.7×21.1×1.4cm 31pages ISBN-10#8866135313

MOLESKINE Project Planner 9.5×1.3×14.7cm 60pages ISBN-10#8883701046

3M post-it…) 5in x 8in / 12.5cmx20cm

3M post-it

3M post-it…)

MOLESKINE Japanese Album & port folio at

A4 (white) 13.3×21.3×1.2cm 48pages ISBN-10#8862933096

A4 black 13.7×21.1×1.4cm 31pages ISBN-10#8866135313

Project Planner 9.5×1.3×14.7cm 60pages ISBN-10#8883701046

For storing use of the idea development notebook which achieved a purpose and removed from a folder , MOLESKINE portfolio 6pockets pages (A4 inner size: 22.5 x 32.5cm / A3 inner size: 32 x 45cm) is useful (the photograph above right).  MOLESKINE port folio A4 6pockets ISBN-10#4863730500

Just for information on dimension: 5in x 8in / 12.5cmx20cm and 3in x 5in /7.5×12.5cm

Documents developed on the 3M post-it sheets stick to each page of Japanese Album or Project Planner of MOLESKINE, if captured and saved by iPad (or iPhone), will the more useful way be stored onto cloud storages like Evernote and so on than those are stored into physical document folders after having been removed from MOLESKINE.

We would be able to make the most of combined features to be created among MOLESKINE Japanese Album or Project Planner, iPad (or iPhone), Evernote and 3M post-it products, utilizing sophisticated applications related to iPad.

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