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As a short, introductory comment on this page:

Consulting with Microsoft ENCARTA COLLEGE THESAURUS (ISBN-10: 0312289065), the first-of-all shown word for “plain” is “simple”; it’s really interesting to have found out that the Microsoft’s thesaurus is different in order of priority from other thesauruses.

(Incidentally, thesauruses are enjoyable and also highly characteristic; adverb “add” is often used to mean “insert”; for example, just like “add your user name in a specified questionnaire.” This meaning is shown up on top in Microsoft Encarta College Thesaurus which is in this regard different from ROGET’S 21st CENTURY THESAURUS – #ISBN-10: 044024269X)

1. Revolutionary Simplicity – it has, as the management strategy, been developed by Apple & Google, and yet another by Tesla Motors (

For search on Google in particular: add “fast company, google, simple” as keywords to visit and you will be supplied with more invaluable information.

2. Plain English guided by SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission –

The following is excerpted from an article titled “Plain Writing Initiative” at The Plain Writing Act of 2010 (Act) is intended to make it easy for the public to understand government documents. The SEC, like other federal agencies, must write documents in plain writing, defined under the Act as writing that is "clear, concise, well-organized, and follows other best practices appropriate to the subject or field or audience." Starting in October 2011, the Act requires us to write new and substantially revised documents in plain language using the Federal Plain Language Guidelines.

For reference:

The Penguin Guide to Plain English by Harry Blamires (ISBN-10: 0140514309)

Complete Plain Words by Sir Ernest Gowers, revised by Sidney Greenbaum and Janet Whitcut (ISBN-10: 0140511997)

Better Punctuation in 30 Minutes a Day by Ceil Cleveland (ISBN-10: 8182746477)

Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss (ISBN-10: 1592402038)

How to Write Plain English by Rudolf Flesch (ISBN-10: 0064635368)

This title is featured in pages assigned to punctuation as well as grammar and miscellaneous, significant subjects; it's one of the invaluable hand book for English learners.(ISBN-10: 0671707972)  


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